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Tue, Sep. 8th, 2009, 02:40 am
WTF of the day

a movie about a man living in the midst of tel-aviv, who has (at least) 32 wives and 89 children and the authorities are unable to do anything about it.


Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 05:29 pm (UTC)
mme_n_b: Re: :)

The whole point of the second link is a program for providing oral contraceptives to strays :)
Still wrong, if it were applied to humans, but better than spraying.

"So why not save her that pain? Why not prevent the suffering? "
Rem acu tetigisti. No reason, but if she were human there would be. We respect humans, and respect means allowing them choices (such as a choice to suffer) with which we disagree or which we consider unpleasant. This ties in neatly to the gun control argument I'm having with Talash lower down. He is not convinced of the right to make stupid choices with guns.

And yes, this is where we venture into vegetarianism and into keeping pets in general, and into using animals to work, and into animal sports, and definitely into breeding.

But before we do, I'd like to make a short aside, and specify that not every something feels pain when you fuck it. For instance, in the recent US case where a group of guys were arrested after one of them died following sex with a stallion, the stallion did not feel any pain whatsoever. In fact, he probably enjoyed it. Stallions are not particular that way. It is also possible to arrange for painless sexual congress with a cat. One could also argue that any sexual intercourse is painful to a female cat (as Desmond Morris said "observe a cat penis under a microscope" - the thing is barbed. Seriously.) and therefore one kind of pain is no different from another. So - would you agree that it's ok to have painless sex with a cat?

Now back to vegetarianism - we cause suffering and imprisonment (the two are different. Humans are also able to enjoy slavery.) to animals for our benefit. A domesticated animal is, in essence, a combined slave and food source. We are facing two questions here:
1. Is it ok to keep non-human slaves? (I assume you're against human ones)
2. Is it ok to be cruel to one's slaves (up to and including using them as a food source) if it pleases one?

I believe that, given a positive answer to 1 the answer to 2 must be positive. Sure, it's good to be kind to one's slaves, but that's different from saying that it's bad to be unkind, because unkindness becomes merely a matter of degree.

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
lotus82: Re: :)

One could also argue that any sexual intercourse is painful to a female cat (as Desmond Morris said "observe a cat penis under a microscope" - the thing is barbed. Seriously.) and therefore one kind of pain is no different from another. So - would you agree that it's ok to have painless sex with a cat?

Yes, I know a cat's penis is barbed =) This one time my husband explained the whole thing in detail to me, including how this particular anatomy assists in conceiving kittens.
And you know what - if you can prove to me that having a particular kind of sex with a cat would not hurt or inconvenience it in any way, fine.

A domesticated animal is, in essence, a combined slave and food source.
Are we talking about cows and chickens or cats and dogs? Because in my household, we have two humans and two cats. If anyone's enslaved, it's the humans =) [By the way, our younger one, Sophie, has a birthday tomorrow =)]

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
mme_n_b: Cats as slaves

Congratulations! :))))

Nonetheless, any domesticated animal is a slave and a food source. In a besieged city historically horses disappear before cats, cats before rats, and rats before humans.

It is possible for an owner to cater to a slave's whims. Among medieval Arabs, for instance, it was fashionable to fall in love with slave girls and court them with poetry, gifts, and adoration. (The poetry is how we know this. Some great pieces there. "I am a slave of a slave" was a cliche.) Of course, eventually the girl succumbed (here's where we discuss consensual sex with cats. I recommend oral.), and after a while her owner became bored and sold her. Similarly, a person who, today, pets a cat and spends their income on state-of-the-art fake mice for her, might, tomorrow, give it away if he develops an allergy or marries a cat-hater, or simply falls out of love with the cat for whatever reason.

Or, if you dislike the presumption that they might fall out of love, consider a society where brides are bought, and receive a life-long position as wife, unimpeachable. Nonetheless, their husband will not consult them on how many children they wish to have, where they wish to live, what they wish to cook (and whether) or on any other decision that might affect them. This is also similar to a cat's position. These women are slaves, they are prevented from leaving. Cats are also prevented from leaving. In both cases they face similar circumstances if they run away. In both cases some people argue that women/cats are actually in a preferable position. We would not accept this arrangement for ourselves, but do not mind it for cats. Why? Because we assume them to be less protection-worthy.

Of course, here's where you can trip me up by comparing cats to children or mentally deficient adults. If you do I will ask you to distinguish cats from horses :)

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
lotus82: Re: Cats as slaves

here's where we discuss consensual sex with cats. I recommend oral.

Have you ever put your face anywhere near a cat's ass??? The smell can kill you!

In a way, cats ARE like children. We're* choosing our apartments considering not only our needs, but Ginger and Sophie's needs as well, and we've actually decided not to rent a perfectly awesome place just because there wasn't a good place for the litterbox in it. We're catproofing our home, taking great care to prevent them from getting into meds or cleaning supplies, and trying to foresee and prevent situations where they might be hurt [screens on windows are an example]. We're keeping to a vaccination schedule. We're watching their intake and output and at first sign of trouble, they are taken to a vet. We're getting them catsitters if we are away for 24 hours or more. And the list goes on =)
And honestly? In my next reincarnation, I hope to come back as a housecat, because judging by my two lazy bitches, damn, it must be good =)

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
mme_n_b: Re: Cats as slaves

I warned you, didn't I? Now please, tell me how a cat is more equal than a horse or a cow or a bird. Or tell me it's never ok to use labor or products of horses or cows unless it's absolutely necessary for survival (not "survival in a place you can't move away from without inconvenience, like Siberia". Just survival.)

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
lotus82: Re: Cats as slaves

I don't think cat is more equal, it's just that obviously I've been raised in a culture where a cat is an indoors animal while everything else [barring parakeets] is an outdoor one, so of course I bond more with cats.
As for your third sentence, I don't think I know enough about how horses and cows are beneficiary to humans to actually argue anything there. I've never been to a farm and I come from a large Ukrainian city, I've never even been to an "ogorod".

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)
mme_n_b: Re: Cats as slaves

So, is the distinction between indoor animals and outdoor animals, with protections for cats and hamsters and "anything goes" for goats and sheepdogs? OK to ride and breed horses, but cat breeding is a bad thing? Leather for couches is fine, but catguts for violin strings are out? What about feral cats - is it ok to rape and eat a feral cat, but not an indoor one? Let's review this distinction.

Thu, Sep. 10th, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
lotus82: Re: Cats as slaves

If there's a distinction, it's purely a cultural one. I'm an urban girl who's never been in contact with a horse; all I'm saying is, I've been conditioned to relate more to a certain animal. Had I been raised in a different place, I'd relate more to a different animal.
In any case, no, breeding is wrong no matter what animal it is, and no, leather couches are not fine. Honestly, I kind of respect a person less if they have a leather couch. And no - not ok to rape or eat a feral cat.

Thu, Sep. 10th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
mme_n_b: Re: Cats as slaves

Oh, come on, we can't argue personal preference! Pour le sport, do let's get back to generalities or, if you prefer, switch sides.

Thu, Sep. 10th, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
lotus82: Re: Cats as slaves

I've tired of the argument =)