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Tue, Jan. 28th, 2031, 07:43 pm

This entry will be left hanging on top of this journal. Kindly comment to it for offtopic and such. All comments will be screened.
web trackerIf you wish them to stay screened, please specify so, since if I might unscreen them at my discretion later if I don't see anything I think is confidential otherwise.

Thank you for understanding.
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Sun, Oct. 8th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)

Wed, Nov. 1st, 2006 05:16 pm (UTC)
talash: Re: Psst,

done. any other requests?

Wed, Nov. 1st, 2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
just_pixel: re:done. any other requests?

טוב, אם כבר שאלת

,בהרצאה של שאלות ותשובות
אחרי ששאלו אותו על חתימה על חזות הנוער וכו
ניל הזכיר קומיקס שעשה חבר שלו ברשת
ושנקרא משהו בסגנון
"למה אני לא הייתי רוצה להיות ניל גיימן"

?האם אתה יודע במה מדובר

אני בטוחה שזה לא
"nice hair" - http://www.yinepu.net/nicehairindex.html

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Fri, Feb. 9th, 2007 08:51 pm (UTC)

so, any hunches yet?

Wed, Nov. 15th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC)

just added you to my friends list because you listed me. Not sure where you are from, well not so much _where_ you are from as that was in your Bio, but where the connection is. Perhaps through LJlegiblescrawl?
Anyway 'I trust in ardvaarks', Walking Thesaurus, and Gaiman references/lectures post made me smile. So there. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, my gripes and giggles.

Wed, Nov. 15th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)

Perhaps through LJlegiblescrawl?

Yup. I was looking for some poem and found his journal. Who is this user?

Anyway 'I trust in ardvaarks', Walking Thesaurus, and Gaiman references/lectures post made me smile.

;) for the record here's a clarification of the meaning I give to the word.

Thu, Dec. 21st, 2006 01:23 pm (UTC)
assafr: Quick question

Not long ago you posted about the "law" that what drives users is the atttempt to make the last effort in every step. And that explains of the seemingly stupid behaviour we see.

Been trying to find more references to that and couldn't. Can you help?

Thu, Dec. 21st, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC)
talash: Re: Quick question

um... I'm vaguely recalling something, but I can't seem to find the entry in question. could you provide a link?

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 01:53 pm (UTC)


Thu, May. 3rd, 2007 01:41 pm (UTC)

You're a bad person.

How can you live with yourself?

Thu, Jul. 19th, 2007 02:27 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the reply :) I wonder if you know how much information about yourself you've given mewith it, most of it sensitive concerning your personality and "buttons".

Cheers :D

Mon, Oct. 8th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)

Thank you!

Mon, Oct. 8th, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)


what are your conclusions from this survey? i mean-- каждый охотник желает знать где сидит фазан and i see half of the people wrote this. I'm hardly anything insightful.
(Deleted comment)

Thu, Mar. 13th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
just_pixel: WOW.

Great & crazy all at once:


had to share :)

Thu, Mar. 13th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
talash: Re: WOW.

thanks a lot for the link. WOW indeed.

Sat, Mar. 28th, 2009 07:53 pm (UTC)

Just curious: how did you find me? Have we met in real life?

Sat, Mar. 28th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)

Oh, was bored enough to resurrect my okc account today (it was disabled for a very long time), wherefore I followed the link to your journal, which seemed interesting enough.

Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011 10:44 pm (UTC)

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC)

um, hi. is this some new sort of spam or what?