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Sat, Apr. 4th, 2009, 04:04 am
Homeopathy my ass

So since last night I had this feeling in the right ear, like when you're taking off in a plane, yeah? Didn't really hurt, but didn't feel quite right. Didn't go to a doctor immediately, decided to wait one night to see if it would pass. It hurt mildly during the night, but seemed to pass in the morning and during the day there seemed to be only the clotted feeling. Decided to wait and see if it worsens or gets better prior to going to a doctor.

So during the day I was in the local pharmacy on an unrelated matter. This pharmacy is actually considered the health fund pharmacy, yeah? So while paying for something else, I'm casually asking the pharmacist if they have some drops for the ear they can give without prescription. She replies that most of the stuff they have contains antibiotics, however they do have a "great homeopathic remedy" she can give me.

Mind it, homeopathic. Now if you don't know what homeopathy is, please read this article. Short summary: homeopathy consists of serial dilutions of an active ingridient in water until you have no molecules left and have just water (you would need something like 30000000000 times the volume of water in all the earth's oceans to get just one molecule of the ingredient). this pure water is then sold as remedy; this is probably the most expensive water ever. No scientifically rigorous reproducible double blind randomized controlled tests have ever shown any effect of this stuff beyond placebo effect, but for some odd reason many people claim it actually helps them.

Anyway, I tell the pharmacist I don't believe in this stuff. So she goes on and tries to convince me for a good few minutes that homepathy works and I should take the remedy. I say I won't argue with her, pay for the other stuff and go.

Later during the night my ear starts to hurt again. So I go to the hospital. In the hospital I am quickly diagnosed with an ear inflammation. So the doctor pours some ear drops with antibiotic into my ear, then gives me the prescription for this stuff and says: "don't let the ear come in contact with water. this will worsen the inflammation

See above what that bitch of a pharmacist tried to give me? Water.

I am so pissed off.

By what right do regular pharmacies (and this bitch in particular) to which I'm going to buy regular medicine try to give me stuff which does nothing in the best case, or might actually don harm, like in my case-- as "remedy"-- when its actual effects are unproven?! If I will want an alternative medicine treatment I will go to an alternative medicine outlet. And those too should in the best case have much more regulation than they do now.

And this pharmacist, I am so going to write complaints about her to the health ministry or something. I hope I can get her license revoked.


(That snake oil like homepathic treatments will not be sold in regular pharmacies is probably too much to hope for in this day and age. Sadly I do not have the time, energy or money to bring a representative lawsuit about that like this deserves).

Ah and my ear is better of course. Much better. Like it should, naturally be, when one trusts proper medicine and properly trained medics rather than some idiots and their quackery. Which, as this case illustrates, might sometimes have dire consequences.

Tue, Apr. 7th, 2009 09:26 am (UTC)

I'm so with you on this! This should be added to http://whatstheharm.net!