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Tue, Apr. 14th, 2009, 10:42 pm
life update

This last Saturday I went to the Body worlds exhibition together with a friend and it was beyond amazing. Bodies in various postures and cuts revealing different internal organs, body parts of internal organs of healthy people vs internal organs of people with various diseases, embryos on all stages of pregnancy, blood vessels, nerves etc. It was the most amazing thing I had seen for years.

After that we wandered around Haifa for some time then went home. On the way back we got into a huge traffic jam because everyone and his dog was coming back from a holiday day out.

Saturday was a good day, but starting from Saturday evening moderate crap started to happen.

In the evening I went to the Olamot convention hoping to see the "Life and death of Liam O'Leary" musical but tickets were sold out. Went back, almost ran over someone who decided that taking the evening walk in the middle of a dark highway is a good idea. Saw the idiot, braked and swerved in time; thankfully there was nobody in the other lane.

Sunday and monday was the Olamot con. It was mediocre, although people have been met. Queerest event of the con: "meet the committee" event on Sunday (to which I went hoping to get amused by it and it exceeded all expectations in that sense) during which the head of the Israeli Science fiction committee, Amir Arad, delivered a 40-minute speech full of drama about "a certain man who had decided to wage a personal bloody vendetta against the Israeli Science fiction society who is sitting in this crowd and whose name is Ittai Greif"-- he went on into details about this "vendetta"-- which included way too much information for a speech one would expect at a public "meet the committee" gathering and was more like a reality show. He didn't let Greif speak when he was delivering the speech and he finished it with the announcement that because of said "vendetta" he is resigning from his position as head of the committee. Went out of the room and turned in his badge, still without letting Greif reply to that. He hadn't notified the rest of the committee members of this before he actually made that speech so it came as a surprise to them as well and everyone kinda sat baffled by it. So now no one knows whether there will be an ICON this year and whether the Society will be a part of it.

The Israeli Science Fiction Society has always been known for its amazing capacity for internal conflicts and drama, but here it exceeded its own self.

The rest of the conventioion was, like I said, mediocre and ZOA house isn't a very good venue IMO. On sunday I lost my parking ticket so I had to pay some outrageous price to the motherfuckers, which wasn't nice.

The message on my IM was there on Sunday night. It was from someone I hadn't spoken to in years. It said: "hello". The hour tag on the message was 03.34am; I saw it at about 5am. I ignored it and went back to the con Monday afternoon.

When I got back someone else on my facebook had a status update about the death of a certain guy called Assaf Rozenrot.

I didn't really know the guy in question, but his name was familiar to me from Ultinet, an Israeli FTN-based network I used to be a member of once (FTN-based=works on the same principle as Fidonet); it used to be popular in the days of BBSes, but still had been operating over the internet until the beginning of 2008 I think).

(the "hello" message that I got was from someone else from that network whom I had known)

He fell from a cliff to his death during a trip. He was 26 years old.

Like I said, didn't really know him, but this sucks.

And today was friggin' hot. I hate this weather.

It is my hope things are going to be getting better soon.